Latina gets nailed in the garage

[Although there's plenty of sex in the Latina gets nailed in the garage, and sex magic fuels some of the action, there's an awful lot of other exciting Russian Mom with Her Sons NakedCamWomenDotcom that would have made a far better cover, and this makes the book seem to be about sex in a Latina gets nailed in the garage. There is still something that bothers me about these books and I can't really pinpoint what it is - maybe the fact that I have connected more with secondary characters than with Cole or Joss or that some of the connections between the events were not sufficiently explained. James is still a prick, though not as much as before. I am glad Cole is with Joss though. I agree Latina gets nailed in the garage some reviewers that some of the sex scenes were unnecessary porny and corny - the use of certain phases made the sensual lovemaking into something cheaper. Still, I like the adventure and magic - some of the ways Cole uses his magic were very easy to imagine and also - I can't come up with better word - pretty.]



Shes so damn pretty... I just cant stop staring at her face.
I watched this with my girlfriend, and she was saying how lucky the girl in this is.
MMmmmm super nice

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