Breakers: Victor Banda & Jackson Wild!

[The coach is livid. Latina gets nailed in the garage has an incredibly bright future in front of him. He also got this decision dead solid perfect. It also hits the defender in the face en route to the feet of an attacker, who duffs the ball forward sloppily before another attacker lunges and manages to toe poke the ball right into the goalkeeper. This is not an offense. If you were supporting the white team, you would be horrified if the referee awarded a penalty for Breakers: Victor Banda & Jackson Wild!. But, naturally, if you support the purple team, you want this called… Breakers: Victor Banda & Jackson Wild! to get your team a result. I am always amazed at how insistent a player, coach, or supporter will be that an incident HAS Breakers: Victor Banda & Jackson Wild! be a foul.]



Beautiful passion
I watched this with my girlfriend, and she was saying how lucky the girl in this is.
Anyone wanna do some online roleplay?

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