[Agents Ron-san and Dotiko graciously left the two copies unpurchased, as they already have a number on order from a large, online retailer named after a long river in South America. I particularly like how both my name and the book title stand out sumata_0901 even this distance, while the books beside Sumata_0901 Shortstop are somewhat harder to read. My shelf neighbors are noteworthy though: the Tales of the Otori sumata_0901 by Lian Hearn on the left are set in a fantasy world that closely resembles sixteenth-century Japan (nice synchronicity there) and Looking for Alaska on the right is a buzzworthy Printz award-winner from 2005. Now for the fun part. Note that the above picture is how they found the books, and then compare that to how they left the books, below. Yes, congratulations are in order: my parents have joined the Face Front Club. The FFC is a loose organization of authors and supportive friends and family who shamelessly face out books that were previously spined out, as Samurai was in the first picture. Not only did my parents spine out the Printz award-winner in favor of Samurai Shortstop, they slid John Green out of alphabetical order to maintain the shelf asthetic. You should all learn from their example.]



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