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[Blanco received a ten-year prison sentence and died in 2012. Bad girl Barbara Graham had so much hatred towards her abusive Amateur prostitute real hotel threesome that she pistol whips a lonely widow to death in Oakland, California in order to let it all out, turning what was supposed to be a mere robbery into bloody murder and landing her a spot in the gas chamber. Barbara was executed in 1955. Self-proclaimed "Queen of Thieves" Juanita Spinelli fostered young teens and taught them to become her henchmen, but when they accidentally kill an innocent man, she murders one of her helpers to keep him from talking. Spinelli was executed in 1941 at the age OmaHoteL Fresh Granny Pictures Compilation 52. August 26, 2010 (2010-08-26)Serial wife Jill Coit married a man for his money, but when he learns she's OmaHoteL Fresh Granny Pictures Compilation married eleven times he divorces her, and she then ends the relationship (along with his life) for good with a gun. Coit gets life without parole. After former exotic dancer Marjorie Ann Orbin got all she ever wanted from her wealthy husband in Phoenix Arizona, she shot and dismembered him, and then disposed of his body in the desert.]



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