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[When taking photo yourself there are a University students hostel sex of things you must be aware of before you do, the photo must be taken:BackgroundAgainst a plain cream or plain light grey background, please do not increase the brightness of a photo to make the background appear perfect white as it may be rejected. ColourBe in colour and not black and white Photo PaperTo be printed on plain white photographic paper, no other colour or watermarked paper will be accepted. Your CameraThey must be taken with a relatively good camera, as they must be clear and in sharp focus, with an obvious difference between your face and the background, we would recommend adjusting the focus so that your face is the most clear and sharp item in the photo. We would no recommend using a mobile phone camera for this task. The size of the photograph you take must be printed Ancient secrets of kamasutra with dyanna lauren glossy photo paper and must be the following sizes: 45 millimetres high x 35 millimetres wide. Your head must be positioned in such a way that you are no too close or too far away from the camera or frame of the photograph sizes above. Please see example below of how your head should be positioned. If you need to adjust your photo be very careful that you do not adjust the image itself, slight improvements to brightness and lighting will be permitted but if the passport office notices any adjustments to the image it may be rejected. We would recommend performing a brightness adjustment or using the "Magic Wand" tool in software such as Photoshop to adjust the brightness of the background surrounding your image, please be sure not to Ancient secrets of kamasutra with dyanna lauren the brightness of the background area too much or remove completley as this may also cause the image to be rejected, please see below: Further requirements for your photo are as follows: Time limitYour photo must be taken within the last month relative to your passport application date.]



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