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[We're suckers for abandoned kittens. My music background - started classical organ at age ten, and continued until starting dental school at age twenty-four. At that point I was forced to admit that, much as I enjoyed playing the organ, it was not a practical instrument for one not playing professionally. For one thing, it's not very portable, though with the advent of electronic egyptian belly dance dina that is less of a problem, and for another, unless one is the regular organist at a church one almost never gets to perform on his or her instrument. You are always playing on an unfamiliar instrument. I had wanted to switch to the violin for some time, having always loved the sound of the instrument, and that same year I purchased a hundred-year old Romanian violin of known history. Unfortunately, I was not able to find egyptian belly dance dina teacher while in school, or afterward (we moved to a small Oregon town), or after that during our nine years in Africa.]



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